"Martha and I greatly appreciate the fantastic cleaning job you and the your crew did at our home. The house is like new! Our best to the entire Brian's team."
- Richard, Allentown, PA

"This note is way overdue, but better late than never. My heartfelt thanks for coming to my rescue! Weeks ago, I tripped over my own two feet and dumped a big bowl of chili on my berber carpet. Of course, I panicked and called you. Your cleaning crew was great and they were able to get out all the stain - they really had to work on it! I really appreciate your quick response and the break you gave me on the price. I know you probably get complaints from time to time, but I wanted you do know how much a good job is appreciated." 

- Becky B.


Restoration Services

"Thank You so much for being so kind to me today. I really appreciate your professionalism and expertise in dealing with my home. Please thank the rest of the guys for me."

-Jackie C. 1/2017

“I am enormously pleased with the job done by Brian’s Cleaning Service.  The industriousness and efficiency, along with the trustworthiness and friendliness of all the crews has been impressive.”

- Walter F., MD, JD, Allentown, PA

"My senior living establishment had a backup of the sewer system. We had to take immediate action to prevent the contamination of the premise. We called Brian's Professional who showed within the hour on NEW YEAR'S EVE to sanitize and clean up our location."

- Joe N. - Easton 01/2016

“We have been extremely happy… the staff has always been professional, reliable and responsible.  They have turned a horrible situation into something that I have not only been able to deal with, but have made it pleasant.”

- Barry Henning, Lehigh Valley, PA

"Brian’s Restoration, Imagine my surprise when I opened the bathroom door and found the entire ceiling on the floor!!! Thanks to Brian’s Restoration and Erie Insurance, all has been made well again. Brian’s did all the restoration. All was done in a timely fashion, and the repairmen were very kind, thoughtful, and professional. I am very satisfied with my bathroom, it looks like new. Thank You!
- F.B. – Nazareth

“Your quick response was much appreciated in a day and age when some contractors don’t even bother to return customer calls.  The employees were easy to work with and always professional.  Both were conscientious in letting us know what they would be doing and getting our input or approval of it.  We hope to do some more work in the near future and will be sure to give Brian’s a call.”
- Tom & Sara J., Nazareth, PA

"Thank you very much, you have a wonderful crew." 

"I am  so happy with the work Brian’s Professional did at my home. Glenn Gilbert worked with my insurance company throughout my whole claim. I will facebook all my friends and let everyone know of the GREAT PROFESSIONAL JOB that was done!!"
-P.P. - Slatington 01/2015

"Dear Brian's, I just wanted to let you know what a great job you did in cleaning my rugs. The skunk smell is gone and the rugs are incredibly clean. I was thinking we'd have to get all new carpeting due to the skunk smell and all the stains on the carpets, but they're totally clean now. The steps, which were black with dirt, are no off white again. Thank you so much for your help with this minor crisis!"

- Jan S., Easton, PA

"The carpets/bathroom/chairs look great. Your staff was courteous and professional." 

- Karen, Bethlehem, PA

"My dryer was running something did not smell right. I smelled smoke. I called Brian's Professional. The next day Brian's came out and cleaned my dryer vent. Thank You so much for saving us. I'm sure if it would have ran one more time it would have caught fire."

-J.K. - Easton, PA 12/2015


Janitorial services

"Brian, I just wanted to let you know the good job your cleaners are doing for us. I have been getting a lot of compliments from people on how clean the facilities are compared to before. Keep up the good work! Thanks!
- S.F. -11/2015

"I believe we are into our thirtieth year of service with Brian's Professional. We have been in business for 75 years and we have held onto very few contractors for that amount of time. His team has always been there for us through countless occasions. There is no other company I would prefer to work with. Thank You again!"

-D. T. - 01/2016

"I just want to thank you for going out of your way and pulling a crew together to help clean our warehouses this weekend. I was told the warehouse looks wonderful. A JOB WELL DONE!!! Thanks!
-J. A. - 02/2017

Carpet Cleaning Services

“I just wanted to thank your company for a wonderful job on my entire home.  We have come to use your service exclusively over the past several years.  I appreciate how prompt and courteous your crews are and the professional way all your business is conducted.  Our 10 year old carpet looks almost new.”
- Lynn S., Bangor, PA 10/2017

"The guys did a magnificent job.  I can not believe it, my carpets look brand new! I was so pleased."
S.M., Nazareth, PA 10/2016

“After the service and professional treatment of your staff, I believe that you deserve the name “professional”.  As a satisfied customer, I consider your company as “the right choice” for this job, and I promise you that I will recommend your name to all my relatives and friends.  You have done a wonderful job.”
- Ahmed B., Bethlehem, PA

"We moved into Nazareth and heard about Brian's. We hired them to clean the home before we moved into it. Him and his team are true professionals. Thank You!"

-J.D., Nazareth, PA 01/2016

"My dog threw up this past Saturday on our beige carpet. The color was red from the dyes of her snacks that we give her. I thought our carpet was ruined. I reached Brian through the emergency number. He sent a truck out the same day! The men were fantastic and the spot is gone! Thank You so much I have never had a cleaning company go through the extra effort like this before! I will make sure to tell all my friends"

-A.N., Nazareth 02/2016

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